Friday, August 28, 2015

DJ 1Mic - Fortes - Smoked Out Under Rated

01. S.O.U.R Intro (Cuts by DJ 1Mic)
02. Forty Monster
03. Back To Back (DJ 1Mic Style) (Featuring Chris Rivers)
04. Forty In The Studio (Produced By D-MAJ)
05. Juices (Produced By Lehday)
06. I Used To Reup In Harlem (Produced By Fortes)
07. Escalator Style (Freestyle) (Produced by Shepard)
08. White Lighter (Produced By Rico Suave)
09. Break The Bank (Produced By Fortes)
10. I Don't Gotta Re Up (Produced by Shepard)
11. Ghost Dilla (Featuring Styles P)
12. Spell It Out (Scary Movies Freestyle)
13. Nicky Santoro (Produced Fortes)
14. If I Die Before I Wake
15. Raised By Wolves (Produced By Fortes)
16. The End (Produced By Lehday)
17. Stoner Of The Year (Produced By Lehday)
18. Prhyme (Featuring Styles P)
19. Upmost Faith (Produced By Shepard)
20. Grow Weed On My Tombstone (Produced By BuddhaSPK)
21. Business As Usual (Produced By Fortes)
22. Sensational Forty
23. Idols (Produced By Fortes)
24. Dear Me, I Think I'm Becoming A God (Produced By Fortes)
25. Styles P Featuring Fortes & King Buudha - Bring It In
From Styles P's Album "A Wise Guy and a A Wise Guy" Available Now
26. (Bonus Track) Learned From The Lox


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