Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DJ 1Mic - Foundation


Don't let the song titles throw you off guys i just did something
a lil different i was telling a well THE story on here

01. LL Cool J Tells The Truth
02. Rakim Reminisce's Over His Rise
03. KRS-One Tells Us How He Got Here
04. EPMD Tells Their Story
05. Raekwon Breaks Down The Wu Tang
06. Jakk Frost Represents Philadelphia
07. Fat Joe Speaks Through The Music
08. Lake and Queensbridge In The 80's
09. Cormega Takes Us Back To The Glory Days
10. Jadakiss What Hes Been Through
11. Nas Survival Through The Times
12. Bun B The Realest Story Ever (UGK 4 Life)
13. Cormega and the Legacy Of Queensbridge
14. Raekwon & The Game Have A Flashback
15. Raekwon & AZ Talk Whips and Kicks
16. Nas - Has Hope For Hip Hop
17. 50 Cent Speaks On The Supreme Team
18. Run, Nas & Prodigy Celebrate Queens Day
19. Jay-Z and It All Started On December 4th
20. Notorious BIG Tells His Juicy Story
21. 2Pac Really Did Love Hip Hop


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